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Libellen Wound Healing Consultants began in 2020 with the intent of revolutionizing wound care education and care coordination in the home health agency. Drawing on decades of nursing care and first-hand experience at the existing state of wound care in home health, Libellen Wound Healing Consultants has made it our mission to improve wound care across America.

Our Mission

Our mission is to implement high quality, multifaceted wound care programs that help improve healing outcomes while also reducing inefficiency and waste, and helping home health agencies capture more of their lost revenue. Through a combination of nursing education, quality improvement metrics, clinical guidelines, and utilization of our proprietary formulary, homme health agencies can make more money and provide better care to their wound population at the same time.

Founder and CEO

Jennifer Bierhup


For nearly 20 years Jennifer Bierhup RN, WCC, CCM, DAPWCA, FACCWS, has made healing wounds her life’s primary mission. Beginning in 2007, she started on the path by developing the first inpatient wound care program at St. Luke’s, one of the leading hospitals in Toledo, Ohio. Since then, she has gone on to help in similar roles at Wood County Hospital, St. Anne’s Hospital, and Pro Medica Home Health Care, helping to create high-quality and innovative wound care programs with a proven track record of improving outcomes.
Not only is Jen a certified wound care nurse, but she’s spent her career learning from the very best in the industry, wound care pioneers like Barbara Braden, Dot Weir, and Nancy Morgan. She has seen firsthand how difficult it is to treat wounds with current systematic limitations, and how, with just some direct education and the right support systems, every nurse can be made to be a wound care superhero.

“I have always believed that better wound care treatment and education holds the power to help solve the $60 billion chronic wound care problem we have in the US today. By focusing on empowering the nurses and care providers who are on the front lines, we can not only save money but also save limbs and lives in the process.”

- Jennifer Bierhup

In 2020, Jen founded Libellen Wound Healing Consultants, with a focus on building comprehensive wound care programs for home health agencies. As a part of this goal, Jen created her own wound care education curriculum, a ten-course program for all levels of home health nurses, to help them more effectively evaluate, document and treat wounds in their patients. The Libellen process is designed around being functional, a practical approach to wound care that nurses of any experience and education level can utilize.
Her wound education program has already been a hit with home health agencies across Ohio, having taught her program to hundreds of nurses already, and she is excited to make the educational program available nationwide.

" We as a company have decided we wanted to look more at wounds and we're having fun doing it. That's thanks to Libellen. "

— Ashley Perry, RNDirector of Wound CarePartners In Home Care

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