Wound Consulting Services

Libellen Wound Consulting provides a full line of wound care consulting services targeted at nurses, documentation, and administrative issues, so that your home health can have a fully functioning an integrated wound care program. Below are just a few of the services we offer to make sure that your agency is operating at it’s very best, and that your team of nurses has the tolls and knowledge in place to be successful.

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Wound Program Development

Libellen Specializes in the creation of comprehensive wound care programs for home health agencies, providing the framework your team needs to treat, chart and bill for wounds effectively. We work with each member of your team, creating a new wound care case management org chart, and helping create meaningful policies and procedures for wound care and documentation. By creating a standardized methodology for documenting and evaluating wounds, we can help save you time, resources and improve the revenue you collect per case.

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Our program is designed a three-prong approach to addressing the primary concerns we find most often in home health agencies.Our focus is:


  •  Direct, hands on approach to education
  • Wound care photography training
  • Wound measuring tools and training


  • Wound Care Chart QA Scrubber
  • Formulary creation and Ordering Process


  • Training program for a Director of Wound Care
  • Wound care case management org chart

Chart Scrubbing and QA Program

The backbone of what Libellen offers is a full service chart QA review program, designed to highlight the biggest issues with you wound current documentation, and how to address them effectively. Wounds are complicated cases, and ensuring that the nurse documentation is not only accurate but complete makes all the difference when it comes to billing and recertification. We will work hand in hand with your team, highlighting mistakes as we go, but also providing simple tools and appropriate documentation procedures to reduce the number of problems moving forward.

Dressing Formulary Creation

One of the most expensive components of effective wound care is the dressing and formulary utilization. Let Libellen help with setting up an ordering system in place with vendors that will save you time and money, and an ordering process that makes sense to your nurses. We can help create a transparent and easy to follow program that will help reduce wastage and expenses, while making sure your patients are getting the right dressings and supplies every time.

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